Rochelle Dvorkin

Rochelle Dvorkin is the Founder and Owner of Dvorkin Personnel

With over 25 years’ experience and expertise in executive search, management consulting, corporate facilitation and executive coaching Rochelle has helped many individuals and Companies with the challenges of running small to mid-sized businesses.

  • Rochelle has interviewed thousands of people and worked with as many as 3000 clients in her career to date.
  • Rochelle holds many secrets to sourcing and hiring the very best executive talent as well as how to retain them.
  • Candidates benefit from Rochelle's intuitive abilities in knowing how to match them with the perfect careers.
  • The expertise Rochelle has along with her approach in hiring and assisting those looking for a new career is second to none.

Rochelle has been a leader in the recruitment industry working with various companies ranging from single person offices to large corporations with over 10,000 employees. Rochelle’s H.R. Consulting background is vast, having had experience with many companies in Oil and Gas, Construction, Law Firms, Property Management, High Tech, Consumer Products, Biotech, Hospitality, Finance, Real-estate and Engineering.

Born and raised in Calgary, Rochelle has a solid understanding of the Calgary business community and is well educated on the economic growth and challenges associated with the ever-changing workplace globally. She strongly believes in the concept that identifying and hiring the appropriate employees is the means to success in any organization, large or small. This identification process can be extremely difficult in the competitive marketplace we are faced with today. Many of Calgary’s successful businesses have utilized Rochelle’s strengths in identifying and evaluating professionals that stand out as high-caliber amongst their peers.

Rochelle’s problem solving abilities and skills in the area of writing job descriptions, search criteria, sourcing, salary structures, and performance evaluations, along with her experience assisting with interview strategies, candidate screening and reference checking is highly valued by our clients.

Rochelle has aligned Dvorkin Personnel with over 200 recruiters across the globe. When utilizing the services of Dvorkin Personnel you are able to share in the confidence of this professional and aggressive team of professional recruiters available to assist in all of your recruitment requirements.

Community Involvement

Rochelle gives back to her community and is a very active volunteer. Some of her community involvement includes:

  • Hosting children in her home that are going through difficult circumstances and in life transitions.
  • Helping youth groups raise money annually through a water walk in order to build schools and clean water wells in under developed countries.
  • Chairing the Weday gala vip experience for Free the Children raising awareness on social responsibility.
  • An active member, volunteer and board member for the Entrepreneurs Organization since 2002 which is an organization with over 10,000 members globally.
  • Donating to a charity that is picked annually and given a percentage from the Company profits.