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Because we are a personalized boutique recruitment firm we have the ability and flexibility to customize our service to meet your constantly changing needs. We learn about your business, we contribute to your growth and we become an extention of your company's HR department.

Who We Are

We are a full-service human resource consulting and personnel placement agency, Dvorkin Personnel is acutely aware of the fact that the hiring process is an arduous and time-consuming responsibility. In today’s workplace, successfully attracting, locating and retaining top caliber employees requires 100% of your time and attention. This dedicated focus is what Dvorkin Personnel brings to your company.

For most individuals, when the responsibility of recruiting is placed upon them along with their additional job functions, the task can be overwhelming. It is nearly impossible for a company that does not specialize in recruiting to have the time, luxury or expertise to accomplish the desired end result of the hiring procedure. Dvorkin Personnel attracts fully qualified, talented individuals who successfully fulfill your requirements, provide the right kind of “fit” within your company’s culture, and help contribute to the success of your company. Dvorkin Personnel operates with this important end result in mind and strives to help you achieve this objective.

Dvorkin Personnel offers over 25 years of experience, and consequently can provide its clients with an exceptional level of professional customer service and referral of only the most highly qualified, outstanding candidates available for positions.
Dvorkin personnel is able to work with smaller start-up companies that have budget restrictions by adjusting our services to fit those budgets as required. Please call for more information regarding this.

Our History