Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions by employers during the recruitment and selection process. The most frequent questions put to our recruitment team have been broken down below for your convenience:

One of our trained consultants will meet with you to identify the direction of the Company as a whole and then assess the position you are looking to fill so that there is a clear alignment. From there we will start a role profiling process to ensure a clear definition of the ideal candidate, based on your business model and culture, organizational stage and working environment. This process has proven to result in a high percentage of hires who consistently produce at or above target for the company on a long term basis. We know what we’re doing, and we do it well. To determine which candidates will actually perform for our client, we utilize a comprehensive set of advanced assessment techniques. This ensures that the candidates will have both the skills and experience required to excel, and the DNA of a top performer.

The time required to find the appropriate candidates depends on the specific position we are working on along with the search parameters we will provide you with an accurate time frame when before we initiate the search.

We provide a fast, effective recruitment solution for our clients. We apply our rigorous and proven methodology which combines role profiling, sourcing, candidate assessment, augmented with advisory services. We keep you informed with regular progress updates, and consult you on compensation and contract negotiations. We offer a very personalized service.

We have the ability to recruit globally. We have our own extensive database of professionals and work with our partners located around the world as necessary to meet our clients’ needs. Our network gives us access to professionals who have the specific qualifications required to complete a successful search.

As a retainer based recruitment firm we do not just provide you resumes as there is a lot more we feel is required to identify top performers. Our customers seek out “A” players and in order to find these, a rigorous process is required which involves – detailed role profiling to ensure a clear definition of the ideal candidate, based on your business model and culture, organizational stage and working environment, targeted sourcing that identifies a pool of highly qualified candidates and comprehensive assessment that further highlights the most suitable candidates through verification and background checks and traditional and behavioral interviews.

We take on all positions in all industries as our recruitment process along with our highly experienced consultants is why we are successful in what we do.

Dvorkin Personnel Executive Search work within the strictest confidentiality and trust. We work fast and effectively and will not source candidates that we have placed in a job for any reason for another client. We pride ourselves on our integrity, trust and ethical business practices.

A true measure of our ethical behavior is the reputation that we have developed during our many years in the industry.