How Far Would You Walk For Water?

Children in Chestermere had a taste of what it takes to just go and get water in Africa over the weekend.

Free The Children is an organization that helps educate kids on what goes into retrieving water and the grueling walk that usually follows it.

The group went and hauled water and raised money towards the Free The Children Foundation by raising enough money to help pay for the construction of a clean drinking well in an African village.

Coordinator for the Water Walk Rochelle Dvorkin says it was quite the experience for the youth groups involved in the walk last Saturday.

"They learn what it takes to get clean water and its just turning on a tap in your house and the end of the day we raised enough money to build one clean water well to help village, so its

pretty cool, it's really neat."

Dvorkin says they raised more than enough money to help a village.

"We're at $6000 and counting right now, we still have some donations coming in but a water well costs around $5000 in Africa," she says. "It's not a lot in the big scheme of things but every little bit helps and that's the message to these children is that every contribution counts."

Dvorkin says we're privileged to live in a country were you only have to take mere steps to get drinking water, rather than mere miles to get some.

"In many countries in Africa, they have to walk three or four or even five times a day between 5-15 KMs to go to these water wells to bring back water from and the water can be diseased and dirty and still muddy. They use it as drinking water and it can kill them even."

With the $6000 raised for the Free The Children, the group will attend the 'We' Day concert later this month in Calgary.

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Category: Local News

Published: Thursday, 08 October 2015 11:45

Written by Gino De Paoli